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Welcome to the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission

The Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission (ULERCLC or the "Commission") was formed in April, 2007 for the purpose of coordinating aquatic invasive species awareness, prevention, and management efforts on the Eagle River Chain. It is a unique public-private partnership. The Commission was formed by a joint intergovernmental cooperative agreement between the Towns of Cloverland, Lincoln, and Washington, and the City of Eagle River.

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Since formation in 2007 the individual lake associations of the Eagle River Chain provided a designated representative to the Commission who served in an advisory role.  With the dissolution of the individual lake associations and their consolidation with the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association (ERCLA) effective December 31, 2017, ERCLA and the Commission will be working together to determine representation of the individual lakes of the Eagle River Chain.

The Commission has worked to develop a Chainwide, long range, multi-year plan for the management of aquatic invasive species in accordance with the WI DNR guidelines. It has applied for and received state grant funding for the AIS management projects of the Eagle River Chain. In addition, the Vilas County Lake Specialist has played an integral part in the management of Commission projects.