About Us

Organizational Structure and Function

The Commission is comprised of representatives from the four municipalities encompassing the Eagle River Chain of Lakes. These municipalities include the City of Eagle River and the Towns of Lincoln, Washington, and Cloverland. Each of the four municipal governmental bodies appoints one Town Board or City Council official as its voting member of the Commission.

Designated representatives of the lakes of the Eagle River Chain function in an advisory role on matters concerning treatment options, prevention options and contractors.

Since formation in 2007, the individual lake associations of the Eagle River Chain provided a designated representative to the Commission who served in an advisory role. With the dissolution of the individual lake associations and consolidation with ERCLA in 2017, ERCLA now represents the lakes of the Eagle River Chain. ERCLA assists the Commission in achieving the goals of the EWM management plan through financial support and with volunteer efforts. ERCLA does not have voting rights.

The Commission develops an annual budget to fund the recommended management plan for each lake in each municipality. Each municipalities’ share of the cost is defined pursuant to a funding formula determined by shoreline miles.

Background Information

The Commission does not function independently. Since initiating AIS management efforts in 2008, the WDNR has funded 50% of the cost, the local municipalities 25%, and the individual lake associations 25%.  The grant awarded in 2020 is funded at 65% by the WDNR, with the remaining 35% funded by the local municipalities and ERCLA.

The Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association (ERCLA) has supported the Commission since the Commission’s formation in 2007. It functions as an umbrella organization providing education to riparians on Chainwide management efforts. It recruits and trains volunteers to provide the required in-kind grant match for the Commission’s WDNR grants. Through its newsletter, ERCLA informs more than 1,700 property owners on the status of AIS management efforts and other Chainwide activities. ERCLA sponsored activities help the Commission secure grant funding.

With the dissolution of the individual lake associations and consolidation with ERCLA, ERCLA has assumed fiscal responsibility for the portion of management previously funded by the individual lake associations.

Commission Members

Ron Kressin

Chairperson, City of Eagle River


Bill Lochte

Vice-chairperson, Town of Lincoln


Dave Mueller



Harvey Overturf



Carole Linn

Town of Washington, Member


Francine Gough

Town of Cloverland, Member